When working with Cogix to troubleshoot a problem with a survey or a ViewsFlash installation, sending as much information to Cogix as soon as possible will help speed the resolution. Here is a list of what's needed:


  1. viewsflash log - use the link on the Administration and Setup page to view the viewsflash log. Download the log or use File >> Save As in your browser to save the log to a file. If the problem involves a specific survey, also send that surveys log file.
  2. Application server logs - send any logs from the application server. Include both activity and error logs if possible. The location of application server logs varies from product to product, consult your server administrator if you cannot get these logs yourself.
    • Tomcat logs are in <tomcat-home>/logs/
    • WebSphere portal logs are in <ibm-home>/WebSphere/PortalServer/log/
  3. Web server logs - when the trouble has to do with missing survey response data or discrepancies in the survey response numbers, the web server access logs are a valuable tool.

Configuration files

  1. /etc/cogix/viewsflash.properties
  2. /ViewsFlash/WEB-INF/web.xml
  3. /etc/cogix/ldap.properties (if troubleshooting an ldap related problem)

Diagnostic output

  1. Use the web browser to access http://yourserver/ViewsFlash/servlet/vfadmin?Diagnose=1 and use File >> Save As to save the output to a file.
  2. The output from http://yourserver/ViewsFlash/servlet/vfadmin?cmd=echo
  3. The output from http://yourserver/ViewsFlash/servlet/vfadmin?dbcmd=dbdirs

For the above diagnostics, use /servlet/viewsflash instead of /servlet/vfadmin if user security is not enabled. If you are not sure, you can tell if user security is enabled by checking the top of the left hand side menu of ViewsFlash for "Hello, username" where username is the name you use to log in.

System Information

  1. Application server and version
  2. Database product and version, JDBC driver version
  3. Server operating system and version
  4. configuration details - is this a load balanced cluster? A single, standalone server? Any other details?


If the problem is with a specific survey, use the "[x] Stage to production server now" box on the publish page to export the entire survey. Send the .ser files from the export directory to Cogix. These files are written to the application servers file system, consult with your server administrator if you don't have access to the files.