Automated Poll Rotation control flow

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This chart illustrates the events, from top to bottom. For simplification, caching is implicit.

Visitor's browser Web Server ViewsFlash Server
Goes to dynamic page, handled by the Web Server    

Constructs dynamic sports page which includes the embedded poll for "sports" place.

Because it is first time on this page, there is no VFPOLLS cookie. Issue http call:

    Returns HTML fragment for the voting form to
  Inserts HTML fragment with voting form into page and returns full page to visitor  
Visitor sees page with embedded poll. Fills out poll and Submits voting form to    
    Tallies vote. Sends VFPOLLS cookie with domain "" back to visitor, and redirects visitor browser to redisplay the original page
Visitor's browser quietly goes to again.    

Constructs dynamic page again.

This time, there is a VFPOLLS cookie. Its contents indicate that the current poll has not expired. Therefore, issues http call:

    Returns HTML fragment with poll results display to
  Inserts HTML fragment with poll results display into page and returns full page to visitor.  
Visitor sees the original sports page, but now sees the results instead of a voting form.    
... (a short time passes) ....
Later, visitor returns to this page.    
  Because the VFPOLLS cookie indicates poll has not expired yet, issue getresults http call to  
..(even more time passes; poll expires in the meantime)...
Visitor return to page    
  VFPOLL cookie indicates poll has expired. Issue getpoll http call to  

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